Home Study Approved Families!!


  Nathan and Brigitta


Our names are Nathan and Brigitta.  We have been married 7 years, have a daughter who was adopted and two dogs.  We are into the outdoors, traveling, and four wheeling.  We are also active in the life of our daughter.  Nathan is an involved father and farmer.  Brigitta is a dedicated mother, who is a teacher.  We enjoy going to library story time zoo, soccer, dance and playing in the backyard.  Our families are extremely supportive of adoption; and your child will add to and become part of this love filled family.  We will treasure your baby and shower them with tons of love, attention, encouragement and nurturing in a loving, fun, happy home.  We are committed to raising our children to value honesty, respect and responsibility.  They will also have great educational opportunities, both at home and in the great schools in our area.  We hope you will consider us as the adoptive family for your child.


 Kendall and Heather

We are so excited to begin this journey again and have your child complete our family. We have one daughter named Berkley who we adopted in November 2015. She is the light of our lives and she can't wait to become a big sister! We also have a dog named Gia, who most say is treated like a queen. We have been happily married since 2011 and know in our hearts we were meant to become parents through adoption. We are both teachers in a small town and love staying active through coaching (Kendall) and teaching group fitness classes (Heather). We promise to give unending love, compassion, and encouragement to your child so they feel they can conquer anything the world throws at them. Your child will grow up in a household that values family, respect and above all love. Thank you for thinking about the amazing, selfless gift of adoption. We hope we get the chance to meet you. 


Claire and Jeremy

We know adoption is the path for us and are thrilled at the possibility of completing our family.  Our hearts are filled with love and we are waiting for a child to share our love and lives with.  We have the life experiences and resources, both emotional and financial, to provide a loving, and exciting future for a child.  We will provide your child with a loving home, a great education and bright, happy childhood and life.  We appreciate your courage and love for your child.  We will always make sure your child knows his or her history.  IF you choose us to be parents for your child, we promise to instill compassion, generosity, honesty and integrity, the importance of family and friends, and love for all people.  We promise to model these virtues.  We will love your child unconditionally and forever.  Please contact the agency for more information about us.


Sara and Julie

We want to express our gratitude and deep respect for you and the journey you are enduring. Adoption is not a choice made lightly, and one you make with great love for your baby. We commit to you that we will provide your child with unconditional love, care & honesty in a safe, warm and stable environment. We will sing, laugh, create, dream & dance together each day as we celebrate the gift of each other and of life.  We, (Sara & Julie) are proud mommies to a beautiful little girl who is one year old. We live in the country, and share our homestead with 2 cats, 3 dogs, 4 horses, and 2 ponies. We enjoy the outdoors, hiking, horseback riding, biking, gardening and hanging out with family and friends. 


Dan and Carrie

We are so excited to begin our adoption journey! We have been married since 2004 and became a family of three in 2013 when we welcomed our daughter Adilynn. Dan is a chiropractor and Carrie works in accounting at a private college. We have one dog, Bailey, and one cat, Sosa. Adilynn cannot wait to be a big sister! We have been blessed with a loving marriage, stable home, and a good education. As a family we enjoy spending time outside, going to the Wisconsin Dells, building blocks, and reading. We promise to provide a loving household filled with family time and play time. Raising a child, guiding them, and offering them a world of experiences and opportunities will be our biggest priority. Our family and friends are very supportive of our decision to adopt. We promise to always be respectful of you and make sure our child knows the special way he or she came into our lives to make us a forever family. We would truly be honored to be a part of your adoption plan. We are all in this journey together. 


Jake and Lucy


We’re Jake and Lucy and would like to first say thank you for your bravery in considering adoption. We’re excited to welcome you and your child into our family. Whether you want an open or closed adoption, we’ll be sure your child knows as much as you want them to know.  We’re an easy going couple with a strong sense of family who have been married for 7 years. We live in downtown Madison, Wisconsin - one block from the Capitol! Lucy is a Senior Accountant for an accounting firm and Jake works in IT for a healthcare software company. We have two dogs who are almost as excited as we are to adopt. :)  We’ve been blessed with many great things in life - supportive family, a loving marriage, and financial security - and would love to share these with your child through adoption. We’d love to meet you to answer any questions.


  Steven and Justin

Hello!  We are Steven and Justin.  We have been together for nearly 12 years now and live in Madison with our two cats, Tsuki and Kimiko, and our beagle, Lucca, all of whom are spoiled rotten.  We are at a wonderful place in our lives and are eager to share these experiences with a child.  We absolutely love going to events around the city: the zoo, farmer’s markets, various festivals, museums – all things that we cannot wait to do as a family.  Our life around the house is just as great – Justin is a very talented chef and our shelves are overflowing with books.  Both of us have fond memories of being read to as children and are very excited to carry on that tradition.  We have many friends and family who come over to our house frequently and it is truly a home full of love.  Your child will fill it with even more love and we are beyond grateful that you are reading this and hope that you will consider meeting with us to learn more about us.  Thank you!

Brett and Tessa


Our names are Brett and Tessa and we want to grow our family through an open adoption. We have a two-year-old daughter through adoption. She treats our pet cat like a sibling, but really wants a baby brother or sister! We speak English and Spanish at home, and believe in education, travel, and diversity. Tessa is a librarian, so visits to the library and reading together happen often. Brett is an engineer, so we like to play with blocks and build things as a family. We value kindness, learning, laughter, and honesty. Our extended family is supportive of adoption and eagerly awaiting a new baby to love and cuddle. We are a financially secure and emotionally stable couple who live in a great school district and own our home. Most importantly, we are loving, affectionate, and sensitive to the needs of an adopted child. Your baby would be cherished by us. 


Thad and Christina




Ted and Sarah



 Kristopher and Alison 


Call 877.347.7650 for more information or email Cindy Jensen at cindy@adoptionave.com or Andi Crump at andi@adoptionave.com!

Eager to build their families!