AGENCY INFANT PROGRAM                                                                                                       

Adoption Avenues, Inc. invites families and singles with completed and approved home studies to enter the Agency Infant Program.  Once a family/single has completed their home study and created a family portfolio, they can register to be available to be picked by birth parents coming to this agency seeking that service. Birth parents often request semi-open or open adoptions.  Families who are accepting of a variety of options regarding openness and race will have the shortest waiting times.  Details regarding the costs are described at informational meetings and in contracts for the specific case.



Independent adoption (or private adoption as it is sometimes called) is when prospective adoptive parents and birth parents find one another outside of an agency.  This might happen through mutual friends, classified ads (which are legal in WI if you have a current, completed and approved home study), other professionals, relatives or the internet.  Since Wisconsin is an "agency state", it is necessary to contract with a private agency like Adoption Avenues, Inc. for adoption services including, but not limited to, the home study for the adoptive family, foster home licensing, birth parent counseling, guardianship of the infant/child and post-placement supervision.  Sometimes the birth parents or adoptive parents live in another state and it becomes an interstate adoption.  Our experience will help your experience go smoothly. 


Since Wisconsin is an "agency state," families interested in Step Parent Adoptions are required to hire an agency to provide them with a Step Parent Screen.  Adoption Avenues, Inc. provides these services, which consist of background checks, paperwork, and one interview in your home with a Social Worker.   Please do not schedule a court date until you have completed a step parent screen.  Please contact our office for your application packet today.