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Ben and Katie

Thanks for reading a little about us as you consider a family where your child can grow and thrive. We are a down to earth couple who love to spend quality time with people. We have a 3 year old daughter who joined our family through adoption. She is excitable, adaptable and loves to explore!

We enjoy traveling in the U.S. and abroad, and seeing how different people live and make their place in the world. We work together for a campus ministry where we invest in the lives of college students, through which we spend time at retreats and conferences guiding students in their faith and helping them make the most of their lives in college. Our work is rich and meaningful and impacts all of our life together. Our faith is the single most important thing about us, and the foundation for our family and the life we live.

Ben is a sports fan (Cubs and Packers), a great dad, and can easily make anyone laugh with his witty puns. Katie likes to cook and bake, do crafts, read in her hammock, play with their daughter, and hang out with friends. We are active together, our favorite things being playing tennis, or catch in the back yard, as well as sitting around our fire pit making s’mores and talking.

We are committed to providing a home that is safe and secure, full of opportunities to learn and grow through exploration, support, and encouragement. We have mentored hundreds of young adults over the years, and it is so rewarding to see them learn and grow. We are excited to grow our family and invest in the little ones in our home, and see them grow into the people they were created to be! We are grateful for your consideration as you navigate the many decisions ahead.

Jeff and Kristi

Hi! We’re Jeff and Kristi! Jeff is a Certified Public Accountant and Kristi is a Registered Nurse. We adopted our daughter Mackenzie and our lives immediately changed in the most wonderful way! She lights up our life! Mackenzie is lively and outgoing and is super excited about the idea of a brother or sister. We live in a small town with easy access to both Madison and Milwaukee.

We are easy going and enjoy spending time together as a family. We like taking trips and planning vacations and weekends away as a family. We enjoy working with children and teens and are very involved with our church’s youth group.

We have several family members in our extended family who were adopted, and we feel that families created by adoption are special. We’ve grown our family by adoption and hope to continue to do so. We want you to know that your child will always know his adoption story and the wonderful way we became a family. We like the idea of openness and will work with you to respect your wishes, comfort level, and privacy. 

We are praying that God leads you to the family that is best for you and your baby!

Jeff, Kristi, and Mackenzie


Ryan and Emily



David and Nicola



Ben and Codie



Bryan and Gina



What our clients say


I can’t imagine a better experience than working with Cindy! She was incredibly thorough and detailed in her explanations of every step of the process. She was INCREDIBLY responsive and even helped us with things that were technically not in her job description. We ended up leaning on her more than any other person in our adoption journey. She was also extremely thoughtful and kind to the birth mother, which is the most important thing in my opinion. We are so happy with our new baby boy and cannot thank her enough for helping us through this process.







Adoption Ave & Cindy are wonderful. As a biological mother, my pregnancy and adoption were a happy experience.

A picture of Cindy can go in the dictionary to define “bubbly”. She is also organized and fiercely protective of birth mothers. I’ve been in contact with many families and adoption agencies before finding Cindy… the difference is day and night. She spoke to me with respect and kindness, she is passionate for her work and has decades of experience. Both myself and the biological father felt comfortable and welcome from the first time we met her.

I knew that I could contact her at any time for questions or support and sometimes did. Even after the adoption, she was receptive to me reaching out, even about unrelated topics & I believe that Cindy and I will have an ongoing connection.

The adoptive parents also loved her! She took charge of the “behind the scenes” stuff and that went so smoothly – I didn’t have to lift a finger even once to get support and legal requirements arranged. Thanks to her experience, she set us up with a strong legal team and the parents were able to leave Wisconsin with the baby in less than a week! We expected to be stuck for much longer.

Cindy and the adoptive parents are among the most amazing people I’ve met in the past years. I highly recommend them & I am so glad that I didn’t settle for anyone else.






“From the first informational meeting through the home study process, to navigating the red tape of final adoption, Adoption Avenues has guided us through the uncertainties of the adoption process. Both Cindy and Andi were a pleasure to work with. We wholeheartedly recommend Adoption Avenues.”





Sometimes Great Families Are Build Not Born

Adoption Avenues, Inc. strives to provide environments of love and stability for children in need. Education and support is offered for everyone in the adoption process, from the people making the loving parenting decision to place their child for adoption to the new caring family.


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