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Jeff and Kristi


Hi! We’re Jeff and Kristi! Jeff is a Certified Public Accountant and Kristi is a Registered Nurse. We adopted our daughter Mackenzie and our lives immediately changed in the most wonderful way! She lights up our life! Mackenzie is lively and outgoing and is super excited about the idea of a brother or sister. We live in a small town with easy access to both Madison and Milwaukee.

We are easy going and enjoy spending time together as a family. We like taking trips and planning vacations and weekends away as a family. We enjoy working with children and teens and are very involved with our church’s youth group.

We have several family members in our extended family who were adopted, and we feel that families created by adoption are special. We’ve grown our family by adoption and hope to continue to do so. We want you to know that your child will always know his adoption story and the wonderful way we became a family. We like the idea of openness and will work with you to respect your wishes, comfort level, and privacy. 

We are praying that God leads you to the family that is best for you and your baby!

Jeff, Kristi, and Mackenzie

Ben and Alexandra


Hi, we’re Ben and Alexandra, an adventure-loving couple living in southern WI. We’ve been together almost eight years, married over five. We reside in a mid-sized city with lots of community events and outdoor activities. Our house is near schools, a library, parks, and an ice cream shop. We both have stable jobs and a wide circle of friends.

5 things to know about us:

  • Pancake is our fun-loving, furry companion who often tags along on adventures.
  • Traveling is a passion of ours, from visiting friends in neighboring states to exploring cultures halfway across the world.
  • Ben is a fisherman and hunter and takes every opportunity to be in nature.
  • Alexandra’s favorite pastime is cooking and planning meals to feed family and friends.
  • Ben has a grown son that lives within an hour of us. We keep connected through Snapchat, regular family dinners, and our annual vacation to Michigan.

We’re lucky to know many families created through adoption. We believe that making an adoption plan comes out of the deepest well of love for your child. While we don’t know the journey that has brought you here, we hope to join you on it.

Our arms are open wide to welcome your baby into our loving home. We will provide a childhood filled with quality family time, engaging play, a strong and encouraging support system, and plenty of opportunities to learn and explore. We’d welcome the chance to share more. Take care of yourself; you’ve got this.

Brian and Jacky


Hi, we’re Brian and Jacky from Southern Wisconsin. We’ve been joyfully married for over 6 years.  Time for God and for each other is on top of our priority list and we are very grateful that we have stable jobs that allow us to take weekend camping trips, go on a movie date, invite friends over for dinner, enjoy a bonfire in our yard, and be with our church family on Sundays.  


We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with children whose families are in crisis through a non-profit organization.  This hands-on experience taught us so much about parenting and how to make our home a safe place for a child to flourish in every way.


We live in a wooded property just outside of the city limits so we enjoy the peace and quiet of a small town and at the same time have all the important places like parks, hiking trails, library, and schools close by. Jemima, our very gentle but fun-loving English Cream Golden Retriever, is very excited to welcome a sibling that she could play with in our yard. 


We are blessed to have people in our lives whose families have been changed forever by adoption. We have the full support of our loved ones and friends with our decision to adopt. We plan to go through this process in prayer, with transparency and honesty, and most importantly, with your privacy, thoughts, and feelings in mind. 


We look forward to learning more about you and sharing more about us with you. 

Amy and Greg


We are so excited to get to meet you and hope to get to know you better. We are a small family of three and one wonderful dachshund named Oscar. We are an active family that likes to stay busy. Greg is a stay-at-home father with an education and back ground in elementary education. Amy works in the quality department for a healthcare company and Jade is our four year old daughter. She is very high energy, creative and funny. We are all hopeful to grow our family through adoption. Jade is very excited to have a little brother or sister.  

We love to take road trips with a rough plan but the ability to detour and explore on a whim. We hope that as kids get older we will have the opportunity to do more international travel. We have done a decent amount of domestic and international travel. Greg has traveled to 45 of the 50 states and 8 countries.  We also like to spend weekends at our off-grid cabin in the “driftless” region of Wisconsin. We built our cabin from the foundation up. We both enjoy working on projects and learning something new. Greg is a huge sports fan (both playing and watching sports), loves games of all sorts, and has been teaching himself and Jade how to play the piano.  Amy loves to garden and Jade loves to help by eating all of the fresh produce right from the yard. As a family we all love to hike during all the seasons and explore nature.

We are easy going and available to answer any questions you might have for us. We would love to learn more about you, your family, and your future aspirations. We hope that through an open relationship we can help you feel confident and supported in your decision.

Ben and Drew


Hello! Our names are Ben & Drew Bostian!

We live in Columbus, WI along with 2 cats, Mim & Twix, and our tortoise, Gus. 

We are both daycare workers, Ben works with 2-3 year olds and Drew works with 4-5 year olds. 

In our free time, we like to visit family, cook/bake, work on crafts, garden, along with the occasional relaxation. 

Our family loves going on adventures and seeing new places. Our goal is to take a trip to Hawaii one day. 

Every July, we take a week to visit Drew’s extended family on a beach in Oak Island, NC. Drew’s family has been doing this for the last 30 years. 

Our extended family is vast and very supportive of an impending baby in our future.

Joey and Hannah


We’re Hannah and Joey, a fun-loving couple from Wisconsin. We’ve settled into our beautiful home, added a furry friend to the family, and are so excited to grow our family through adoption.

Joey is a Project Manager for a construction company, and Hannah is a Registered Nurse. We all enjoy staying active and being outdoors, especially our puppy Curly. Joey’s favorite hobby is golf, while Hannah spends time biking, gardening and fishing. Together, we love cooking, game nights, and campfires in our backyard with family and friends.

We’re grateful for you as you navigate your own consideration of an adoption plan for your child. We hope to share more about ourselves with you, and also get to know you and your wishes for your child. Our family and friends are thinking of you, praying for you, and are all awaiting the joy of welcoming a child into our loving home.

Jared and Tessa

Hi there, we’re Jared and Tessa! We love to laugh and truly are best friends. We have been happily married since 2017.

We can only imagine everything you are feeling as you navigate such a tender decision. We admire the strength, grace, and love you possess to consider adoption for your child. We have joyfully anticipated growing our family through adoption since we were engaged. Our hearts and home are filled with love, devotion, patience, and creativity to nurture a child. We are open adoption advocates and welcome you to be part of our family. We recognize this path is not for every birth mom; we support whatever path is best for you and your child.

We love going on adventures (near or far) and making memories as a family. We have two sweet, cuddly Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Our home sits on a quiet, half-acre lot, with parks, nature trails, and a library in our neighborhood. Movie nights, camping, and long dinners are some of our favorite ways to spend time with each other and loved ones. We dream of raising our children in the country. Our Christian faith is woven into all of these areas.

Jared works in IT Security. Farming, reading, and woodworking are a few of his hobbies. Previously a preschool teacher, Tessa is now a graduate student for Marriage and Family Therapy. She plans to be a stay-at-home mom when we become parents. Cooking, sewing, and hiking are a few things she enjoys.

We pray that you have peace as you consider your options and make your decision.


Bryan and Gina



Ben and Katie



Ryan and Emily



David and Nicola



Ben and Codie



What our clients say


I can’t imagine a better experience than working with Cindy! She was incredibly thorough and detailed in her explanations of every step of the process. She was INCREDIBLY responsive and even helped us with things that were technically not in her job description. We ended up leaning on her more than any other person in our adoption journey. She was also extremely thoughtful and kind to the birth mother, which is the most important thing in my opinion. We are so happy with our new baby boy and cannot thank her enough for helping us through this process.







Adoption Ave & Cindy are wonderful. As a biological mother, my pregnancy and adoption were a happy experience.

A picture of Cindy can go in the dictionary to define “bubbly”. She is also organized and fiercely protective of birth mothers. I’ve been in contact with many families and adoption agencies before finding Cindy… the difference is day and night. She spoke to me with respect and kindness, she is passionate for her work and has decades of experience. Both myself and the biological father felt comfortable and welcome from the first time we met her.

I knew that I could contact her at any time for questions or support and sometimes did. Even after the adoption, she was receptive to me reaching out, even about unrelated topics & I believe that Cindy and I will have an ongoing connection.

The adoptive parents also loved her! She took charge of the “behind the scenes” stuff and that went so smoothly – I didn’t have to lift a finger even once to get support and legal requirements arranged. Thanks to her experience, she set us up with a strong legal team and the parents were able to leave Wisconsin with the baby in less than a week! We expected to be stuck for much longer.

Cindy and the adoptive parents are among the most amazing people I’ve met in the past years. I highly recommend them & I am so glad that I didn’t settle for anyone else.






“From the first informational meeting through the home study process, to navigating the red tape of final adoption, Adoption Avenues has guided us through the uncertainties of the adoption process. Both Cindy and Andi were a pleasure to work with. We wholeheartedly recommend Adoption Avenues.”





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